The Batture as Edge.

Billowing tarps on high-rise construction. Chicago, IL 2015

“It is nonetheless, a wild place. Nobody manages the batture, not down in the trees. Its ownership and occupation are a tangle of obscure authorities, some as primitive as squatter’s rights, and a briar patch for lawyers. Parish police monitor what they can see from their automobiles passing by on the levee top, and one levee board has gone a step further by posting NO TRESPASSING signs at the bottom, most of them contradicted by well-used trails that wind past them and into the trees.” Houck, Oliver A. Down on the Batture. Jackson: U of Mississippi, 2010. Print. 

The most interesting edges are places of transition where rules and governing principles relevant to one space fray and splinter as competing or alternative authorities from another space begin to hold sway. Edges are evident wherever an single influence is manifest in at least two ways.